Why Does a Furnace Blow Cold Air?


Appalachian Heating & Air Services Furnaces in Martinsburg, WV Appalachian Heating & Air can help to answer the question, “Why does a furnace blow cold air?” Property owners throughout the Martinsburg, WV, region often struggle with this question. There can be many reasons for this problem. This month, Appalachian Heating & Air will dive into […]

Five Tips for Better Air Quality


Appalachian Heating & Air Can Help Your Air Quality in Martinsburg, WV This month, our technicians will explain five tips for better air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average person spends about 90 percent of their life indoors. Breathing in pollutants is a terrifying thought, and indoor air pollution is simply […]

What is a BTU?


Appalachian Heating & Air Understands HVAC Systems in the Martinsburg Area Can you answer the question: What is a BTU? Most Martinsburg, WV homeowners are not familiar with the term. However, neglecting your attention to them can seriously crimp your comfort, causing your system not to have enough energy. This month, Appalachian Heating & Air […]

Ways to Tell If Your Heater is Energy Efficient


Appalachian Heating & Air Knows Energy Efficiency in Martinsburg, WV This month, Appalachian Heating & Air will educate you about ways to tell if your heater is energy efficient. If you are not careful, heating bills can rise to excessive amounts. If your heater is not energy efficient, Martinsburg, WV, residents can feel like they’re […]