What is a BTU?

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Can you answer the question: What is a BTU? Most Martinsburg, WV homeowners are not familiar with the term. However, neglecting your attention to them can seriously crimp your comfort, causing your system not to have enough energy. This month, Appalachian Heating & Air will help answer the question: What is a BTU? Our technicians check the BTU in furnaces, central air, and more. Follow along for a full breakdown of the term and how they benefit you.


What is a BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. This term is a unit of measurement that shows how much energy your system uses to remove heat. It may seem technical; however, understanding your BTUs can help you determine the kind of air conditioner you need. Learnmetrics.com has a Heating BTU calculator to help you determine your BTUs at your Martinsburg, WV, home.


Why Should You Measure With BTU?

BTU measures the amount of heat needed to raise or lower water. Homeowners in Martinsburg, WV, can use British Thermal Units to rate energy transfer for furnaces, heat pumps, and more. Our HVAC technicians use BTUs to measure heat gain and loss. Purchasing an air conditioner with too many British Thermal Units can raise your energy costs. A/C units with too few BTUs can result in air conditioning troubleshooting. In order to avoid these issues, it’s essential to know the right British Thermal Units for a home or dwelling.


How Do BTUs Affect Your Air Conditioning in Martinsburg, WV

British Thermal Units are essential in identifying the unit that best fits your needs. BTUs can also help determine if you need to repair or replace your system. Your goal should be to find an energy-efficient system that saves your energy costs and adequately cools your space. As you shop for the best air conditioning unit, be sure to check out the BTU rating.



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