Ways to Tell If Your Heater is Energy Efficient

Appalachian Heating & Air Knows Energy Efficiency in Martinsburg, WV

This month, Appalachian Heating & Air will educate you about ways to tell if your heater is energy efficient. If you are not careful, heating bills can rise to excessive amounts. If your heater is not energy efficient, Martinsburg, WV, residents can feel like they’re burning cash to keep warm. With an energy-efficient heater, you can save money in order to stay warm in Martinsburg, WV. Our technicians can provide heater repair and installation. Read along to learn ways to tell if your heater is energy efficient:

Know Your AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Your AFUE rating is how you can best tell your heater’s ideal efficiency in Martinsburg, WV. With a higher AFUE, your heater is more efficient. High-efficiency furnaces have a 90 percent AFUE rating or higher. Heaters with an 80 percent are typically sufficient, and often found in temperate climates. All heaters must maintain a minimum of 78 percent AFUE rating. Learnmetrics.com tells us how to calculate your AFUE savings.

Consider the Age of Your Heater

While the AFUE rating is a great start to understanding your heating efficiency, it doesn’t tell the entire story. Knowing your heater’s age can also determine its energy efficiency. The average lifespan of a Martinsburg, WV, home’s heater is about 15 to 20 years. If energy efficiency is essential to you, you may decide to prepare for a new purchase relatively soon.

Compare Your Energy Bills

With changing seasons in Martinsburg, WV, energy bills can fluctuate from time to time. By comparing the among of energy your heater uses each month, it can help you determine energy efficiency. If your energy bill is higher than the previous months, your heater may meeting its fullest potential.

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